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For Winter Time in Greece :: Remember Put the clocks back from 4am to 3am

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        At 0400hrs Sunday October 25, 2020 Put Your Clocks Back ONE HOUR to 0300hrs

        If you are like me, I will be in Greece in a deep slumber at that hour, so adjusting the time is usually a late night Saturday chore before I hit the sack – unless I clean forget.

        Street Clock displaying the hour of 4 o'clockFor those of us living in the Eastern European Time-Zone (EEST) of which Greece is a part, the country follows the EU rules in the clock department. Twice a year we adjust the clocks just like the rest of Europe to enable ‘daylight saving’ in Summer, that means in layman’s terms to get the benefit of longer evenings before the sun sets than would otherwise be the case. Then in the Autumn, on the last Sunday of every October, the time is adjusted from Eastern European Summer Time (EEET) to Eastern European (Standard) Time. The cycle continues in Springtime, when on the last Sunday of March,  the clocks are adjusted at 0300hrs and put one hour forward.

        It surprises me that so many people I mention the time changes to, get everso confused over whether it is  putting the clocks forwards or backwards. For many brits they are under the illusion that Greece is still part of the main time zone in Europe, which is just one hour ahead of UK time all year. In fact it is +2 hours ahead.  UK adjusts it time exactly on the same dates as Europe including Greece.

        Don’t Forget to Put Your Clocks Back -1 Hour

        By remembering, you will get that extra hour to lay in bed unless you have clean forgotten to adjust your clocks before hitting the sack.

        Photo left: Street Clock showing 4am by Maksim Zhashkevych on Unsplash

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