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        I realise times are tough and many of us are  having to work harder to make money or to supplement our income, but recently it seems that we have far too many folks joining this forum and "trying it on" to get free publicity for their commercial "activity".

        As you may know, BiC has offered those who earn income independently to promote their efforts in the Self Promotion board. This was a gesture to give a leg up, but there are always those who go over the top. (See the SP board).

        So at a time when BiC faces the same headaches as everyone else, as Admin I have decided to stop free loading.

        By the way, freeloading is unfair to our advertisers who pay to support this forum. Not all paid advertisers are big but small enterprises, as well.

        Example: Having a "gig" means someone is making money somewhere. Yet to place a post/ad with contact and ticket price and information when the proceeds go to a peoples’ pockets and not a charity, is not on. That is especially true when BiC gets nothing in return — not even an offer of a hotlink to a website, or a "do you mind if we do this".

        2nd Example: A Bar that promotes a charity event but puts its Bar name as the main selling point rather than the charity is also unacceptable.

        Those of you familiar with this site, know that we have in the past "named and shamed" those who selfishly flaunt the rules in direct contravention to the TOS each member signs up to. Those terms of service specifically forbid advertising with permission from Admin.

        Of course, if one free loader gets through then another seeing the first ad, copycats and compounds the problem. I can understand the feeling of the copycat on the grounds of fairness.

        Overt advertising is the number one problem facing forum administrators. So from today October 6, 2010 we will revert to a complete No Free Advertising policy except in the Self Promotion board, and as per the conditions set there.

        Furthermore, to promote events where any money is involved except LICENSED charity events will no longer be permitted, without prior permission from Admin.

        Advice to those who think Greek licences/permits are not needed to do things that those from Britain/UK may take for granted are not required, should double check and not take any chances.

        Thanks for your understanding.

        Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -

        Dog House
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            Sorry Gerald.. but we tell our customers NOT to do this.. others seem to look for praise… you have another ‘kennels’ now pushing…. IF it is open house.. please let us know !
            Good luck

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                So Why Gerald are we bieng bomdarded with adverts like below.
                . Long Term Rentals – Offered SATELLITE TV EX SKY

                This advert seems to be apearing everywhere….

                So can we now ALL start advertising under any heading on any subject.

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                    you will see that a lot of these were removed yesterday!

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                        Further to this thread, I have disabled the account of "Tamara" who has been promoting/advertising herself as a therapist without making any real contribution to discussions in this forum.

                        I have removed links to her and banned her from the forum. The terms and conditions of joining this forum are clear.

                        A number of you have contacted me on this subject. But please, a simple PM or e-mail to alert any of the admins to advertising in other threads (other than self promotion) are helpful and appreciated. Sarcastic comments are not.

                        The Terms and Conditions make it clear that admins may not see all postings and things will get through. 

                        If these errant posters have this attitude to this forum what are they like to deal with? Caveat emptor.

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