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        Hi, I looking to make friends with English speaking people who live on crete, I am living in Heraklion (Iraklio) and I working here for at least a year. I am British and came to crete to look after children of a greek family as an au pair. It is not easy to find friends here and I do not speak the language or understand much of it either. If anyone is interested please do reply to this post. :)

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            Hi there,
            Sorry that I don’t live in your area :(
            But…just an idea; if you got your job through an agency, maybe they could put you in touch with other women they have placed in Heraklion?
            Or if you have time off, maybe join a local language class; your KEP (citizen advice bureau) should know of one; they are free for foreigners (english people) and you could meet people this way.
            Or if your family have friends of your age who want to practise their english (most young people learn english here now) then you could make friends that way.

            God! I sound like an agony aunt! Yuk! But good luck to you and enjoy Heraklion!!! :)

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                Hello Angelgirl

                Seeing the avatar picture of a dog in LGiddings2 post, it occurs to me that if you are sympatico with pets, there are a number of animal rescue groups, like CAWG, for example in Malia who run a charity shop, that if you were to link up with them you could meet other like-minded folks.

                To contact the CAWG charity – they are here in the forum. Find CAWG in the members list and send them a PM or e-mail or if you have a Facebook account, connect with them through that route.

                Another thought, the British Consulate in Heraklion has three English ladies – all very helpful — who may well have ideas of what activities could lead to meeting friends if you pop in to see them or phone them. 
                Contact info here

                Hope that helps.

                Tony R
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                    Hey Angelgirl, it could be worse, you could be surrounded.
                    I do sympathise, it’s not easy, but as someone who lived on the island for five years, I found that it is all about where you choose to socialise.
                    If you are in the centre of town then it will be a little tougher than say in Amoudara or Kokin Xani. You will almost always find a small network in and around resorts for obvious reasons.
                    In the town centre, behind the Lions Square there is a small park. The Village pub was always a popular haunt for expats and other europeans who were looking for a home from home. I can’t say if it still exists as many changes have taken place since I was there in 2003.
                    I should be there myself by mid July so we could start a posse together. I used to take care of a 6 year old boy called Mario. What a job! He spoke English better than most of my students in private schools.
                    So, stay positive, be brave, take the plunge and throw yourself in at the deep end. Pretty sure the brits will start crawling out of the woodwork.
                    Good luck and keep up the good work.
                    Ps. How is it out there presently? Any kinda feedback would be welcome. I’m a little apprehensive as it looks so bleak on the news.

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