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Gardening_in_Crete and Local Flora and Fauna
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        we have been trying to grow vegetables in our garden but with not a lot of success, what do we need to put on the soil ? or do to it?
        and what about the weeds is there a weed killer we can use that kills the weeds but not the plants, and when should this be put on? Can somebody give me some advice!!!

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            Have you done a PH test on your soil?

            The veg I grew last Summer weren’t much good. We live in the kalyves area and the soil is very alkaline, a we’re on limestone. I looked on the internet & found out that most of the veggies I’d want to grow here like a neutral to slightly acid soil ,6 or 6.5 PH, so I’ve been adding sulphur to bring the PH down & also digging in lots of compost as limestone soil sets like concrete when wet.
            I’ve yet to see any results, as I’ve only just put the veg plants in , but hopefully it will work this year. I had no idea how much hard work would be involved in this when I started. My garden in the UK had been cultivated for over 50 years, so the soil was very friable. Here I’ve got a veggie patch which is in our olive grove where the ground has not been cultivated & was completely compacted.

            As far as the weeding is concerned, I think we’re all stuck with just pulling ’em up! At least I’ve never heard of a weed killer that will only kill those plants that you want to get rid of. After all, a weed is a plant growing in the wrong place!


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                Hi Puddleduck,

                Welcome to the Forum.

                Many of the domestic plots on Crete have not been cultivated at all or for many many years and the soil is full of rocks, stones, and a neverending source of weeds. And as Kat says, much of the soil is generally like clay in the wetter months (February & March) and sets to concrete during the summer.

                So if you are going to get it ploughed don’t leave it any longer and if the weeds are tall, get them strimmed down first. Perhaps the easiest vegetables to grow and the white Greek onions. They’re a bit like growing shallots and don’t need a lot of attention in comparison with many other crops as the bulbs more or less sit on the top of the soil.

                Fruit trees are another possibility, though they should not now be planted until the autumn. Here in the Limnes Valley, pomegranates, almonds and plums are perhaps the easiest to grow.

                As regards pests, the large grasshoppers are your biggest enemy as they will strip the leaves off almost anything, but especially roses! If your property has access for a large truck, you might consider the purchase of some good quality topsoil. Good luck and be sure to let us know how you get on. :P

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