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Expat Life on Crete
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        Judging from the number of searches for the word "Georgioupoli", I’m not alone in liking it. Note that the correct pronunciation is "Your you polly" and it means "Georgetown", named after its founder Giorgos Papadoyianni, I believe..

        Good points:
        Several MILES of beaches, stretching towards Rethymnon.
        Scenic places such as the tiny Church of St Nicholas on the causeway and the little-known duck pond at the end of the Eucalyptus Avenue.
        Lots of friendly cafes, tavernas, hotels and shops.
        Close proximity to places of interest (Lake Kournas, Vamos, Argyroupoli, Rethymnon).
        Relatively low cost of a meal.

        Bad points:
        Occasional smell of sewage.
        One or two of people ignore the red flag and drown each year.
        The new, unfinished, concrete constructions in the square and what used to be the car park.

        Here’s my photo of the little church:

        Del Boy
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            You forgot to mention that it’s full of Russians who think they own the place. ;D

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                can’t argue with you there. Have never stayed there but have driven over and spent some days round there. Nice and relaxed. Cheap (and nice tasting) food, nice beach and good atmosphere. Nice mix of traditional and modern shops too…

                I would wonder if you would be better renting a car so you can drive around to surrounding areas. Personally though I like how quiet it is. I haven’t experienced the Russian influx but its looking like a trend.

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                    Most Eastern Bloc residents seem to prefer the cheapness of nearby Kavros.

                    In the last few years I’ve come across only two Russian families in Georgioupoli, although I’ve heard Russian being spoken on the beach.  The first was an elderly, belligerent woman who was using an (approx) 10 year old girl to translate for her that she wanted to return, for refund, a dress that she’d bought the previous day because she no longer wanted it. The shop assistant was trying to explain that it was a shop, not an outfit rental, and the woman would have to come back in the evening to speak with the manager.

                    The second was a young couple from the outskirts of Moscow. Their English was accented and the taverna owner couldn’t understand it but I helped them to order their meal then chatted with them after they’d eaten. They were absolutely delightful and we parted with hugs all round.

                    Based on that small sample, I have to say that 50% of Russians are lovely!

                    Nick, “better renting a car”? Better than what? Better than renting an apartment?
                    You can certainly rent a car but why not rent a bicycle or scooter to visit the local sites? It’s cheaper and you’ll see more. And/or take the little road train “trenaki” to Lake Kournas.

                    Something else I noticed about Georgioupoli: it has extremely fine, soft sand compared with other beaches, such as Kalyves where the sand is more like sharp gravel and hurts my feet.

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                        I certainly wouldn’t rent an apartment to go and see the sites. They tend be quite difficult to move once constructed.

                        It’s all perspective. I don’t have the luxury of living on the island so I have to plan my time there sensibly; a car works best for me.

                        I’d love to get a scooter but I’m banned from anything with 2 wheels… and try getting the Mrs on a bicycle! I take that on board though about seeing Lake Kournas, sounds beautiful.

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