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Getting married in Crete

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        My partner and myself are waiting to move to Crete but need to sell our place in France first….

        We were going to wait until we lived there to get married but decided we would not wait and would like to get married there in the Chania regeon this year in June.  I hae contacted a few wedding planners but they want 2000 euros to arrange stuff and to be honest what we want is simple, with a few friends, will hire a large villa and want the cerimony in the garden.  So we really only need to arrange the person who will marry us and the translator, and I really dont want to pay 2000 euros just for that!  We know the area well as we come every year and I can arrange everything else myself…

        So my question is…..does anyone know where to start!  Where can I find a list of sertified translators for the paperwork and how do I finf a list of people who can marry us……We want a civil cerimony that is legal.

        I look forward to hearing back from anyone who can help pint us in the right direction.

        Thank you



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            Have you made any progress on this. As I know someone who could offer advice who is has done the legwork for a similar situation.

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