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        A young prostitute has tried to keep her profession a secret from her family. One day, the red light district she works in is raided by the police and all the prostitutes are made to line up, including the girl. Suddenly she spots her grandmother walking towards the line but there is nowhere to hide. "Hello, dear," Grandma says. "What are you lining up for?" Desperate to keep the truth hidden, the girl tells her grandmother that she and the other girls are lining up for free oranges that some people are giving away. Grandma loves oranges so she goes to the end of the queue. A policeman is questioning each of the prostitutes. He is a little surprised when he reaches grandma, and asks her,"You are so old, how do you do it?" Grandma replies,"It’s not difficult. I just take my false teeth out and suck them dry." [marquee_zig_zagging_alternate] :o[/marquee_zig_zagging_alternate]

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