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        Last night I went eat in the BYZINE (hope I spelt it correctly) Hotel in the village of Pigi. Jackie, who cooks on a regular basis in the White Lady, and here husband Dan have taken over the kitchen in the hotel on the week ends and of course the food is fabulous, but with very reasonable prices!

        I can’t remember the names of every-thing I ate, too busy stuffing my face to think about what it was all called, but the choice,portions and the recipes were brilliant and I would highly recommend a visit.

        You do need to book though as it gets quite busy. Can’t remember the number off hand but if you would like it, message me or put up a post and I’ll find it for you.

        Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -

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            The name of the hotel is Byzantine

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                Sorry, but you’re both Wrong!!!
                The name of the hotel is ‘BYZANCE’, it is in Pigi Village, in a 500yr old listed building.

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