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Keeping a Cool Head – Crete Bureaucracy and Paperwork
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        Agios Nikolaos Driving Licence Office For Exchange Temporarily on a Sabbatical

        On advice from INCO – the Foreign Residents Association of Agios Nikolaos, the lady in the Ministry of Transport local Driving Licence office is currently on quarantine leave. Therefore there will likely be delays in applications for those of you wishing to convert your UK issued licence to a Greek one.

        From End of December British Residents in Greece Must Use a Greek Driving Licence

        Exchanging from a British licence to a Greek licence is obligatory after December 31, 2020. Of course from that day the United Kingdom severs all relationship with the European Union as a member state. All Brits with Greek residence documents will have to, by law, exchange to a Greek licence as Britain will be regarded as a Third Country, a non-EU state like Russia or Ukraine.

        For British holiday visitors, and without residence documents in Greece you can use the British licence you hold to drive but it is understood that you will have to obtain from a UK Post Office an International Driving Permit. This comes into effect on January 1, 2021.

        If you live in the Lassithi area, and require more information, about the temporary situation at the Agios Nikolaos local Driving Licence Office, you may contact INCO. Or even if you wish to join the organisation. Annual membership is a mere 10 euros.


        Driving in Crete

        General conversation about Driving licences in Greece and UK for those staying in Greece. Some info is outdated but gives a general feel of the bureaucracy in both countries.



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