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        No expensive cosmetics just simple exercises!

        Smooth your frown lines, tighten up a wrinkly neck and get rid of those saggy cheeks naturally with some simple exercise techniques you can do in front of the bathroom mirror
        So how can I fix my saggy cheeks?
        "The Centre Triangle Lift stretches, mobilises and strengthens the important cheek muscles, lifting your cheeks," says Marja. "Place your fingertips on your cheekbones, a couple of centimetres in from your temples and tilt your chin towards your chest. Use your fingers to lift the muscles up and over the cheekbones, and breathe out." Create a stretch by opening your mouth slowly, continue opening and closing your mouth – repeat between five and 10 times. "You may be surprised at how tight these muscles are and may even feel the stretch in your neck," says Marja.

        And my wrinkly neck?
        "Loose skin on the neck indicates that you are not holding your head and jaw in a relaxed position," says Marja.
        Try this: Lift your chin and place both your hands at the top of your throat. Now lift your jaw without flinging your head back. Push your jaw forward to feel the stretch. "To see how tight your neck muscles are, try swallowing in this position," says Marja. "This tightness hinders support of the upper part of the neck, allowing skin to sag."

        I’ve got two chins where I once had one. Can face exercise get rid of the extra one?
        The first step to losing an extra chin is to lose weight – like the spare tyre around your waist, a spare chin is often down to excess body fat.
        Loss of definition around your cheeks and jawline is often caused by lost teeth that haven’t been replaced – your gnashers and jawbone are the scaffolding to your skin. Get well-fitting dentures to ensure this isn’t the case for you.
        And to target the chin through exercise try this: sitting upright, tilt your head back to stare at the ceiling. "Now bring your lower lip up and over your upper lip as far as possible – count slowly to five," says Marja. "Relax and let your head come back to its normal position. Repeat five times. Do this exercise twice daily."

        What can I do about the excess baggage under my eyes?
        A main cause of eye bags is collected toxins and water under your eyes – that’s why you look slightly puffy eyed if you’ve been drinking the night before.
        "To improve the skin around your eyes, put your fingertips under your eyebrows and gently lift your eyelids," says Marja. "Now press your upper lids down, holding your fingertips in place, and count to five. Then relax." Repeat this twice.
        "Now put your fingertips to the outer corners of your eyes, moving your fingers upwards as you move your eyelids down – repeat three times."

        The above forms part of another incredibly informative e-mail from Three pages from their website packed with face-saving tips including
        Meditate to slow wrinkles and
        What can I do about the excess baggage under my eyes?

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