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Cost of Living in Greece

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        The third #Greek bailout plan has been approved by all concerned (as of August 17, 2015). If you are connected to Crete what will you pay?

        Most changes below take effect from September 2015.

        Property Ownership in Greece
        The combined property tax is referred to as ENFIA. The Syriza government having stalled on a decision since it came to power for ENFIA to be revised or rescinded has had to skuttle any plans to instead embrace the requirements of the bailout. The full implementation means that for the tax year, 2015 all property owners will have to pay ENFIA in 5 larger instalments starting in October 2015. Previously the installments stretched over 6-7 payments.

        Private School Fees
        If you are sending your child to a Private school, then the VAT to be applied will use the higher value of 23%. Paying for the kiddies in kindergartens and other pre-school establishments are not affected.

        Greek Islands tax harmonization
        The Dodacanese including Rhodes no longer receive preferential VAT treatment.

        Local VAT officials are becoming tougher on owners of all eating establishments. All receipts must be given to customers showing the rise in VAT from 13% to 23%. The crackdown has already started across Crete and Greece generally to ensure owners adhere to the law of issuing receipts for all food and drink consumed on premises.

        Government Seizure of Money Owed from Private Bank Accounts
        The government lowered the threshold, the starting point to seize any monies owed to it from personal banking accounts. Now it is €1,000. Previously it was €1,500. More and more cases are being reported, including foreigners as covered in this forum previously.

        No Advantage to Pay Early
        On Government demand notes (invoices) the authorities have removed an early payment discount of 2%. It is therefore of no advantage to sort your official bills early. Just pay on time is good enough. Also note that if you owe any taxes and fees to the Greek government, delinquent interest rates on overdue payments is increased from 3% to 5%.

        Failure to pass KTEO/MOT Fine
        There is now a 150 Euro fine to be imposed if your aging car fails to pass a roadworthy test within six months of the required date. As all the systems are now computerised the fine is likely to be automatically triggered if the 6 months deadline is missed.

        The above are just some of the changes taken from various Greek media sources.


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            Gerald. please write out 100 times:

            Scuttle: verb – to sink (a vessel) deliberately by opening seacocks or making openings in the bottom.

            Dodecanese: a group of twelve islands in the southeastern Aegean Sea, of which the largest is Rhodes.


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