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Greece Shopping :: Plastic Bag Charge Looms

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        After much dithering, #Greece joins the rest of the EU to make consumers pay for plastic bags at the time of check out. Not earth shattering news, but it will be 3 euro cents a bag.

        And, it is coming from January 2018.

        This also includes the Greek islands and Crete.

        More curious is the government’s position on bio-degradable plastic bags. That part of the new regulation is part of the
        media story found here.

        This new shopping charge is not entirely new. Lidl’s for instance has been charging for its extra sturdy bags for some time on a voluntary basis. I wonder what other items will be going up from Jan 1, 2018 in Crete/Greece to add to the cost of living? :-/

        Happy Shopping!

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            1) curious that Lidl Greece was a voluntary charge, it is not voluntary in other countries where they have a selection of bags

            2) it was funny when they first had the charge in Ireland. Shops where for instance you were clothing were handed back to you without bag. Now they have introduced paper bags into many shops for non groceries

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                Moggy, I don’t understand “you were clothing”. What did you mean to type?

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