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Greece :: Warning, General Strike Planned

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        Dec 14 is the date fixed for next mass disruption of services across the Country

        Greece’s biggest labor unions have called a new general strike this month over bailout-linked austerity policies, as the government begins new talks with international creditors.

        The Greek civil servants’ union called ADEDY, has garnered support across many private sector unions as well. Discontent continues in the labour force over the Athens Government’s failure to compromise on the cuts in pensions and salaries.

        Behind this intransigence is the pressure from the EU in Brussels to streamline and centralise pensions into a unified system. That is what will bring about more cuts in income benefits for employed Greeks.

        The massive "TROIKA" (a dirty word in politics in Greece and to ordinary Greeks) bailout program ends in August 2018. This will be a critical date when Greece is supposed to break free from Brussels control and refinance its own borrowings by selling Greek government bonds.

        The strike will go ahead unless the Athens Government relents on key points especially significant changes in Greece’s energy sector. It was recent failure in talks on that sector that caused the latest trade union’s anguish.

        Article is sourced via Greece’s mainstream media outlets and RT (Russia).

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