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        Anybody sharing my worries about what happens if the UNTHINKABLE happens- Greece leaving the Euro and Eurozone?

        What happens to our UK pension rights, annual upgrades etc.

        Our rights as EU citizens?

        For what it’s worth I have contacted the Embassy in Athens and awaiting an answer.

        Any comments?

        Ian, Nr Vamos.

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        fireman sam
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            Hi Ian. Firstly, I am no expert on these matters, but I see no reason why if a country comes out of the Euro it also exits the Eurozone. For what it’s worth I feel sure that a Syriza victory will spell the end of the Euro for Greece at least. It won’t win a victory outright, but will possibly manage a coalition with KKE,PASOK. The hard truth is that Greece should never have entered into the single currency in the first place. Only lies and corruption on many countries part allowed it. Furthermore, the huge bailout has been a massive waste of taxpayers money and has only delayed the inevitable. If Greece had reverted to the Drachma at the start of the crisis things would have been extremely difficult, but perhaps on the road to recovery by now. Now, unfortunately, the inevitable I think will happen and it won’t be pretty. The only saving grace is I feel in the long run it will be for the best for Greece. It will have to find a way to stand on it’s own two feet without the old dead wood of corrupt and inept politicians. So, yes back to the drachma, but not necessarily out of Europe.

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