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Guide to Privately Selling Your Own Property

Home Property in Crete (Real Estate Buy, Sell or Rent) Crete: List Here Your Home For Sale Guide to Privately Selling Your Own Property

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        Guide to Placing Your Home For Sale Advertisement On This Board

        To generate most interest, make it easy for any potential buyer to grasp quickly the attributes of your property, by:

        1. Using a general introductory headline sales message/paragraph highlighting the main features of your home and price.
        2. Then for your main text, be as detailed as possible, room by room, plus all the extra benefits. Each post can run to 5000 characters (shown under each post). Best to type first in your notepad or text program then paste into the BiC posting window. After that, add embellishments (type size, smilies, attach photo etc), then preview and post finished posting.
        3. Always state name of town or village. Price at top and bottom of your posting.
        4. Always give contact info. Be careful though of giving out personal telephone numbers and never your full name or address to protect your full identity. There are lurkers to this and every forum that may not have good intentions (potential theft?)
        5. Always attach a photo to your post.
        6. Use bigger type face (this is Verdana size 12).
        7. If you invite potential buyers to look over your property, ensure to take note of their contact details and things like their car number plate. Double check any phone number they give you. Never to invite home visits if you are alone, especially if you are a woman. If you do not know the potential buyers, perhaps try to rendez vous with them first at a local kafeneio/coffee shop before taking them to your home. This is to re-assure yourself at least as far as possible of their serious interest – a kind of pre-screening.

        BritsinCrete websites cannot be held responsible, nor will accept any responsibility for any mishap/misadventure in the selling process after placing your free advertisement in this forum. By placing your advertisement/announcement you irrevocably accept and agree to abide by this condition of placement.

        Here’s wishing you success with your advertisement/ announcement – only in this "board" please, no where else in the forum.

        BritsinCrete Administrator

        Read about adding photos here:

        Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -

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            Not wanting to upset anybody, but I think square meters may also help.

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                Please also add the following:

                Location – East, West, North, South, Central.
                Heating – type(s) of fuel.
                Broadband download speed in Mbps.
                Electricity supply – normal or builders.
                Access via tarmac road, concrete road or gravel track.
                Garage, carport or open standing.

                Driving distance and approximate time from:

                Nearest airport.
                Nearest town (name it).
                Nearest medical centre.
                Nearest supermarket.

                Also square metres (as suggested by Bill).

                And while on the subject of Bill, typical payment and schedule for electricity, water, oil, gas, phone/internet etc.

                You may think these might put people off but they’ll want to know anyway so why waste their time?

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