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    brian c
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        Hi folks
        my wife and I are on the verge of retiring, a little earlier than British official retirement age, which I believe means we will not have the standard NHS cover(or Greek equivelant) when we spend time on Crete.
        Can anyone advise how much private health insurance is likely to be or any links as a starting point.

        Thanks in advance


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        UTID Paul
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            Hi Brian,

            We are planning the same move in 12 months and will have similar health cover issues. I’m sure that you will receive some helpful feed-back on your question. As far as I can ascertain providing you have been employed or contributing in the UK then you should be able to get the neccesary documentation to allow you two years state health care in Crete. Thereafter and until you reach retirement age you will need private health insurance. We have already received a quote from Health Insurance Group in Southampton for my wife and I of £2500pa. This includes dental treatment as well as normal medical. There are cheaper schemes available and it may be that insurance companies in Crete can better this. As I said you should get some good advice from people who are actually in Crete already.
            Good luck with your move.


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                I’m currently going through the annual renewal process and for my wife (47) and myself (57) the cost of health insurance is €3000 per annum. We use Inter American – allegedly the only Greek insurance company to recently pass a national stress test.

                But don’t be fooled, health insurance here does not always offer the same comprehensive cover as the UK. Having said that, I’ve had to use it three times in five years and it did work – albeit after a fashion! It’s still a hassle and you have to follow their rules to the letter but the eventual service and doctors were pretty good.

                If you’d like a quote from my InterAmerican agent – who by the way has excellent written and spoken English – then email Leandros Symeonidis at the following email address:



                Sue Ashton
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                    Google Coversure – part of IMG Europe – and Staysure. Both companies do expat health insurance. We received reasonable quotes from both.

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