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Hellenic Homes

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        We would appreciate any information that anybody knows regarding Hellenic Homes. We are currently in the middle of buying a property with the above company and have read more than one article on the internet that they have gone into bankrupcy last Feb. As we are still in the UK it’s difficult to get any answers.

        Help!!!! We think we are about to lose a lot of money and also our dream of moving to Crete. :-[

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        lea and lou
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            [movedhere] Crete General Board [move by] lea and lou.

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                They are in administration. Speak to your lawyer immediately if you have not already done so. If you are using a lawyer recommended by them, get an independent one.

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                    [movedhere] Crete Property: Q&A’s – buying, selling, property off-plan, legal, architects, regulations [move by] Gerald.

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                        You cannot get a PM reply until you have made three posts. If you do so I am sure that various contributors will send you private information that they would not be prepared to post on a public website.

                        As to Hellenic Homes being bankrupt this is not so; they did go into administration earlier this year which, as you will be aware, is a device to hold off creditors in the hope that things improve. The only advice I can offer is to be very wary of paying over any money or signing any contracts. You must certainly find your own entirely independent lawyer. If things do go belly up with a company registered here or in Cyprus your chances of recouping anything are nil

                        Kim and Barrie
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                            All the above comments are correct. We are still dealing with them on our snagging list and they are still operating from Mournies, Chania.
                            Advice, employ an independant lawyer, preferably one based in UK specialising in Greek law.
                            If you wish to mail us privately we can be far more frank. We have been through an horrendous time and are still going through it with that same company.

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                                Hi Mike and Chris.

                                I have bought my property from Hellenic Homes.

                                If you want to get in touch my email is I would be happy to discuss my experience with them.



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                                    Run, don’t walk!!! Have been dealing with them for years and getting no where in the courts. They have cost me A LOT of money!! There are no limits to what they will do. They told the courts they finished my house (not true) they told IKA I had the house finished (not true) and IKA wants over 10.000.00 euros from me. My mind is still spinning over the myriad of unscrupulous things they’ve done!!

                                    I do have a good lawyer based in Athens if you need one!

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                                        The acid test for many things to do with whether a property is completed or not seems to depend on having your electricty up and running. If your house is not connected you should be able to use this to counter payment requests. What is your lawyer doing about this?

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                                            They used a generator for the build then connected construction electricity claiming it was permanent electricity which was later cut off. I can’t get permanent as Hellenic owes too much in back taxes.

                                            My lawyer has been trying to negotiate as the court system is unbelievable. The 1st judge wouldn’t accept any evidence that the house has not been finished, the judges for my appeals state that they can not contradict the 1st judges decision….

                                            One of my previous lawyers claimed the 1st judge was related to the owner of Hellenic Homes but I don’t know if that is true or not.

                                            Thanks for the info about the electric company, I will pass it on to my lawyer maybe there’s a technicality there that will help!!!!

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