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        A post from June 7, 2009 (original lost in DoS attack)

        "Just returned from a great two weeks out there sunshine, blue skies and a lot of graft cutting the weeds down with a lot of relaxing in between. I have a Hellenic Home and I still have a few outstanding annoying snags when I approached them regarding them I was basically told that if they were not classed as urgent they would take a whilst to be done ??? I did have one urgent problem which they did come and sort out for me the next day, They are just prioritising what needs doing …."

        If the original poster wishes to extend the commentary, please do so. Anyone else have experiences with Hellenic Homes?

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            So far as I am aware this company is still in administration. In all cases like this the remedial action needed by customers is a drain on very tight finances and companies will necessarily prioritise what they do. Delays are often inevitable and there is the ever present threat that they will cease to do anything at all. This company has tried to ease its position by converting its speculative developments to rentals. In the depressed market situation this appears to have not been overly successful. Potential customers need to be very careful before committing and existing customers must hope for the best.

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                Hi Gerald.

                We have bought our property from Hellenic Homes.

                Over all the experience was good however yes you are right they are very slow with sorting out the snagging. It is getting done but at a snails pace.

                I have to say though that compared to some of the horror stories that we have heard of other builders Hellenic Homes have been ok.

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