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Hersonissos Mayor Did the Unthinkable: Cancels 10000 holiday bookings

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        in a bid to keep Malia resort free of sun, sex and boozie young travellers, the unthinkable has happened. = ten thousand actual holiday bookings are reported cancelled by Hersonissos Municipality.  The local municipality administrators want Malia especially to have a family resort image. This has been the policy direction in the last couple of years. Affected are the British, probably most of all. More preferable would be the German, Dutch and other less boisterous family oriented visitors than lively, rowdy and mostly single young Brits.

        Another development is the craze for selling of laughing gas to the young thrill seekers wanting a quick ‘high’. This looks like it is being nipped in the bud.

        It is believed that several bar owners in Malia have faced prosecution for nefarious selling of the dangerous substance alongside selling of booze. It is further believed the Greek authorities are being extra cautious following a young British woman being sent back unconscious to the UK following intoxication from the N2O gas and alcohol. 

        Laughing gas or nitrous, is a chemical compound, Nitrous oxide, formula N2O. At normal temperatures, the gas is colourless and non-flammable, with a slightly metallic scent and taste. When inhaled it causes the voice to become squeaky and makes the person sound quite idiotic.

        The above sources are based on local media reports and from within the community.

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