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        Watch out for changes in the Greek National Taxes in 2010 under New PASOK Government

        As many of you know PASOK has become  Greece’s new government with an ambitious programme with sweeping changes to be brought in quickly. But Prime Minister George Papandreou said it not be in the "first 100 days".

        Writing of days, the 2010 budget speech will be in a few days time when it will be presented to parliament.

        Watch out for changes that may affect your property in Greece .

        The PASOK government says it will pass major bills to implement a unified, progressive tax scale and to distribute by December 2009 a “social solidarity stipend” to those below the poverty line.

        Those earning about 12,000 euros a year will annually receive from between 500 euros and 1,300 euros (for a family of four).

        Pasok’s programme calls for borrowing around 2.5 billion euros to fund a market stimulus package. This will be a difficult balancing act as Greece is under strong EU pressure to reduce a Greek National budget deficit expected to reach 10 percent of GDP by year’s end. 

        PASOK wants to move quickly to abolish the across-the-board ETAK real-estate tax for 2010, and instead re-institute a tax on large real-estate holdings. This approach is to eliminate a series of tax breaks and loopholes, says PASOK.

        Further measures are intended to slash government waste.

        In other reforms, PASOK is drafting legislation on measures to insure state transparency – including a German-style electoral law with 180 one-seat districts. The structure  theoretically makes it more difficult to buy off candidates.

        PASOK will likely table the changes once the demoralised outgoing government has its new leader firmly seated at the party’s helm.

        Now, does anyone know the date of this month’s PASOK Budget Speech 2010 mapping out the party’s proposals to parliament? I have searched for the date but can’t locate it. Cheers

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