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How Amazing :: Greek Coins Same Design Separated By 2,500 Years

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        Living in Greece, history is all around us. Reminders of ancient prominent symbols are emblazened in today’s coinage. There is no better example that today’s ONE EURO coin.

        Ancient Greek coin dating back to 425-400BC juxtaposed with the Greek one-euro coin of today. The heraldic animal of Athens, the clever owl, as well as the olive tree branch and the crescent of the moon, which were once prominent symbols in the past, were revived in the Euro currency since 2002. from r/greece

        What was the face value of the 5th Century BC coin?

        The coin was of a 4 drachma value. Yes, the Drachmae has been in use for thousands of years. If ever Greece leaves the Euro, it will revert to the usage of #Drachmas, as stated by the #Greek Economics Ministry.

        It is worth remembering that each of the 23 sovereign mints using the Euro coins chooses their own design on the obverse (underneath) side. The reverse (top) is a standard, agreed design. Greece stands out as having one anaomaly that the others do not have. Greece uses the Greek alphabet naturally. Under EU regulations, the coins cannot repeat the denomination of the coin on both faces unless the issuing country uses an alphabet other than Latin which of course Greece is the only such country, hence “1 ΕΥΡΩ” is enscribed on the coin as well as “1 Euro”.

        So when you next dig into your pocket or purse to check your loose change take a moment to check the intricate designs of the Greek version of the 1 Euro design and reflect on its long tradition of the Greek currency.

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