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Home Living In Crete Pensions and #Retirement Living How Far Does Your British Penson Stretch in Crete?

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        There has been a lot of muttering this past year about the loss in value of Sterling versus the Euro.

        This has of course affected the spending power of anyone with a British pension and need it to live in Crete.

        The poll is intended to ascertain in a non-scientific way how the drop in the value of the pound is affecting you.

        The scale is intended to represent as follows:
        8 = 100 per cent of your usual living expenses on Crete covering a pension payment period,
        1 = less than 10 per cent of your usual living expenses on Crete

        If you can add your comments here, it would be useful indicator to others how you are coping, and what measures you take i.e combining errands instead of doing them separately when using the car; or taking a bus rather than driving; perhaps taken to growing your own veggies, etc ; cutting back and on what. Then to add if possible, if costs of shopping are stable or getting more expensive/cheaper.

        Is the bottom line, a need to go back to UK?

        Thank you in advance for your contribution.

        Cross Rate of Euro versus £
        11.Sept 2009 = 0.875 (1 Euro = 87.5 pence)

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            Managing here on a pension is definately harder this year but not to the point where we would consider returning to the UK.

            The loss in the value of sterling is certainly affecting pensioners who I suspect like ourselves are suplimenting their pensions out of savings.

            We have not experienced any sizeable increase in the cost of our weekly shop over the past year.

            Just a general belt tightening exercise really but I think it the same all over Europe anyway.

            We have been here for 2 years now and have discovered the best places to shop eat out etc which helps.

            All in all its a nice place to live and you cannot put a value on sunshine.


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                We are lucky that we have some savings to help but our pensions are certainly not going as far as they did two or three years ago. We are growing our own veg and swopping surplus with friends we are also looking for alternative ways of cooking rather than the expensive electricity. We have a bread oven and a gas bbq with lid in which we can cook everything a lot cheaper than in our electric oven. We also do a spreadsheet of where our money is spent and if things get too bad we can identify where we will need to cut back (not that bad yet though)in the future. It sounds grim but it’s not that bad and certainly better than being back in the UK. :)

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