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Ireland: Is More Scrutiny Needed For Middle East Migrant Kids From Greece

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        This is a Greece to Ireland brief on migrant kids

        For those of you with #Irish residency, then get this. You are, from last week , housing and giving permanent residence to eight more children from a #UNHCR supported ‘refugee’ camp in #Greece. Nowhere can I identify news reports however that states these  kids were #Christian, or were from an #Islamic or other background.

        Indeed, were these children originally identified as ‘illegal’ arrivals into Greece? Perhaps they were simply offspring of adults pushing them to get a toe in Europe for economic migration? Just asking.

        While all this Irish generosity is commendable and big hearted where kids in distress are concerned, their religious status should be important to a Roman Catholic Ireland? Or at least I would have thought so when Catholicism is the historical backbone of Ireland’s heritage.

        In today’s politically correct society, does it matter? Yes, I believe it does, or should be in an Ireland of Catholic Heritage. Yes, I am aware that Ireland is a secular state.

        I wish people such as the Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Dr Katherine Zappone would state certain obvious facts. about the children.  For example, there may be a reason why the kids’ age range and whether they are boys or girls, and where they herald from, are not mentioned in an irish Times article. They are just referred to as a ‘group of children’. The group was processed under the (UNHCR) International Refugee Protection Programme.

        On arrival in Dublin, the minister said the children were handed over to the Irish state  child and family agency, known as TUSLA.

        Is this the Reason for Omission of Information on the Children?

        It seemed odd that simple facts about the kids was not even referenced in the newspaper article, until BritsinCrete uncovered another recent article mentioning the TUSLA agency.

        It turns out the agency was fined 75,000 euros just last month, for failing to keep family matters private and confidential. An article covering this legal decision can be read here.

        I am all for helping genuine kids in trouble.  But I would like to see more transparency on how these agencies determine which third country migrant boys and or girls are chosen to be under state childcare agency supervision.

        Much bad stuff is  coming to light of how children are maltreated while in care of this type of agency around the western world. I am not suggesting anything untoward about the Irish agencies, but what oversight is in place to ensure all kids in public care institutions are not open to abuse or be mistreated by adults?

        Are the #children likely to assimilate well into western culture without a caring family around them from the same background, anyway?

        It is commendable of Ireland to fall into line with EU migrant children policy decisions and take some in, but who #cares in the wider society about the kids in question? Or do they become just another file number? It prompts even more questions when it is known the #UNHCR agency is involved. Of record, the UN agency has had serious investigations into pedophilia dating back to 2008.

        The original story referencing the Irish Children’s Minister was sourced from the #Irish establishment’s, Irish Times.


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