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Just wanted to say hello!

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    Dave Cridland
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        I don’t know if this is the correct thing to do but as I have just become a member of the forum I thought that I would say hello to everyone in general.

        HELLO !

        There, that’s done.

        I’ve been reading various forums for some time as I want to find out as much as possible from expats before making the decision about moving. There are some very informative websites about Crete but I believe it’s better to listen to real people.

        I am rapidly approaching the age where people are put out to grass and I do NOT want to spend that time in good old UK. All the usual reasons, horrible winters, etc etc etc.

        If you can put up with another grumpy old man, and very less grumpy lady, on your beautiful island then I’m sure that I will be asking lots of questions in the next few months.


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            Hi Dave,
            same’o, same’o……but prob a few years ahead of you age wise….
            Still trying to find my way around this web site…..
            have posted but can’t even find that……!!!!!!!!
            Her in door’s and I wan’t to b here asap……pretty much ready to go….trying to find a place before the move but as we want something a little different than most so struggling a bit….but when we sell up we’ll just drag our large caravan over and rent a spot until we find something……
            we left the UK 13 years ago and the crap has caught up again…. so I reckon that at the same rate I’ll be in my box and it won’t matter…..hahaha…..
            Wish u both all the luck in getting what u want…….
            We are on our hol’s now checking out houses and prices…..
            Cheers Clogs………

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                welcome to the site.
                lots of people here offer useful advice on everything under the cretan sun.
                if you have any questions or wanna know something, just ask and i am sure somebody, even me perhaps, will point you in the right direction.
                good luck.

                Dave Cridland
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                    Thanks for the replies and I’m sure that you old hands are more than used to newbie questions.
                    I’m trying to do my research but eventually I’m going to get lazy need some help :).

                    We are flying to Chania at the end of June and we will have a car for two weeks so we will be able to get around to either side of the island.

                    My wife is mad keen on spinning, weaving, dying knitting etc and would definitely be interested to hear about any groups with similar interests.

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