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Kala Xristougenna – Kali Xronia from Brits in Crete

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        Tis the season to be Jolly! UK, Crete Wherever!

        Well I hope this is turning out to be a wonderful Christmas for you.

        I know some of you are not well so for you I hope that through these festive days a ray of sunshine has come into your life with the help of those around you.

        There are so many conflicting opinions these days about what is right and what is wrong with how we portray Christmas. Perhaps it does not matter what we decide as long as we are happy in the knowledge we are doing the right thing for us personally.

        I hope however that we as Brits – no matter which part of the UK we are from – retain the values that are important to us as a society at the national and regional level. Then when in Greece, or wherever we have become expats, to blend in with those local traditions.

        I finally hope that the kids put down their ipads, smartphones whatever, long enough to join in Christmas meals with the rest of the adults. That would be an achievement for many, I know.

        Whatever the New Year brings may it be one of peace and happiness.

        Many "hopes", I know but there is no point being negative.

        Thank you most sincerely for your ongoing support and throughout the year.

        Yours truly


        PS: If you wish to be formal with local friends this is the correct way:

        Ευτυχισμένος ο καινούριος χρόνος = Happy New Year

        (eftishismenos o kenourios kronos)

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            Hi Gerald,

            We hope you are enjoying the Christmas season too. 21C at 2:000pm here in Limnes with some sunshine was very pleasant, even though there appeared to be little activity in the village. Meeting up with two friends in Istron tomorrow and at least we can be sure that our little part of the world will not be seeing any snow…. YET.

            Christmas Greetings to everyone else on BIC too. :-)

            Maurice & Jan

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