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Keeping Roots Cooler in the Mediterranean Hot Weather

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        ..especially tomatoes in soil in pots. At the beginning of July temperatures in #Crete hit 50c in places. At the local expat #gardening club meeting in Exo Lakonia on  Sunday 2 July, Margaret the chairwoman passed along useful tips.
        One of which was to water as late in the evening as possible to allow the pots and soil to cool down. More to the point how to keep pots and therefore the soil and plant roots cool during the day.

        The suggestion is using the pot in a pot principle. Locate a bigger empty pot in which the pot containing the plant is placed inside. Then in the space between the two pots place styrofoam or similar non heat conducting material to keep the inner pot protected. I am sure this will trigger other ideas and suggestions. This approach, apart from putting plants out of the direct sunlight, brings to temperature down appreciably.

        Anyway if you would be interested to be part of the gardening club and you live in the area, please contact me. If you are not a member of this forum, there is a "Contact Us" link at the very bottom of any page in this forum. Just to mention, we learn a lot in the meetings that start around 11am and conveniently slide into drinks and eating time (optional). Annual fee to be a member of INCO is just €10pp. Gardening club. All foreign residents welcome.

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