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Kefalas! What's it Like?

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        Anyone out there who can tell us what Kefalas is like. Interested in a property there. Keep coming back to it but can’t find out much info on the village. Any of you guys live there or near there that can help?


        Owen. :)

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            sorry, I live at the other end of the island but I am sure Kefalas can help you with more personal info.

            Eleni K
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                It’s only a small village and not a lot there, about 5 or 10 minutes drive to Vamos which has everything there.
                Very narrow streets with not a lot of room when you drive through Kefalas. Look at Crete Island estates and Minoan properties in Kalyves, they seem to have property for sale in that area.

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                    Kefalas is a quiet,traditional cretan village . It has several tavernas and two village stores and a dairy. A museum, several Greek orthodox churches and one Anglican church. At the centre of the village is a restored school which is used by the locals and incomers for the arts.It is also part of Chania Technical University campus for environmental studies.
                    The village also has a good mix of incomers, Brits,Germans,French,Belgians all add to the life of the village.
                    A very pleasant place indeed.

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                        It’s quiet apart from the dogs, cockerels, sheep, church and goat bells, plus the Easter celebrations! Do come here for PasXa!

                        A few of the locals speak English fluently. Some speak rudimentary English and some speak hardly any. So it’s a village where you can certainly "get by" without learning Greek but you’ll miss out on a lot. It has a relatively large percentage of English speaking foreigners, as mentioned in a previous post and even larger in summer when those with holiday homes arrive.

                        It’s a place where no rich people live (or very few) and many people live in virtual poverty. I know one local who lives on 300 Euros per month.

                        It has ADSL broadband available with a reasonable download speed, generally, of 3.5 Mbps or better. However, if you want this, be sure to make it a condition of purchase and don’t hand over any cash until it’s installed and working. That’s what we did and it was working after only 10 days! I think other people are still waiting.

                        In summer the water supply can run dry at the highest points of the village so it’s best to choose a house that is 100m lower and have a 1000 litre reserve water tank on the roof. At that level, you won’t need an expensive, unreliable pump.

                        If the house looks onto open land, you want a garden, you’ll need a very high fence because the local goats can jump quite high. This doesn’t apply everywhere – only where the Nikos lets his goats run loose to graze. There are sheep, too, but a metre high wall with 0.5m fence on top suffices for those. Double this for goats.

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                            Hello there, I am wife of Author and at the moment we are having a complete nightmare with our computer at home. I am now writing this from work. We are still coming out in May to look at some properties and I know Owen has your personal mail address somewhere. When we get back on line I am sure he will reply. So far we have about 5 properties to look at.
                            We will be staying in Georgioupoli and driving out from there.
                            Now as for the goats!!!! I know that in Morrocco they climb Argan trees but I had not considered we would have to look out for low flying aminals there.!!
                            I have also looked at your post re cost of living which I found really good.(why is it that every man complains about the amount of money his wife spends on clothes?)
                            It is a shame that we are not over for Easter. My family are Italian and I know that the Greeks and Italians celebrate Easter even more than Christmas. Mind you most Italians celebrate most anything given a chance.
                            I am still trying to find my way round this forum site so please bear with us both if the replies dry up now and again.
                            Ros and Owen

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