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        Kritsa village is not only famous for winning national and international olive oil competitions, it is also the most visited village in Crete, and that’s not surprising as it has maintained its traditional flavour and hospitality. Kritsa is a very interesting and friendly village. BUT you should not miss out


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            WHAT the hell has this got to do with lettings.

            JUST a plain advert for the art cafe !!!!!!

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                Its got alot to do with lettings. How do you think people choose places to buy to let? Certainly not for being, scruffy, rip off, dives. No, they choose places that are beautiful, interesting with great places to eat. and how do you let people know? they post information that might be of interest to people in the appropriate category. And just what posting isn’t an ad of some kind.

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                    Angeliki post is blatant advertising.

                    You are abusing the terms and conditions agreed to when you signed up to become a member.

                    How would you like it if someone went to your eating outlet, stood inside and talked to every customer with a better offer not to eat there but to eat for free elsewhere?

                    Advertising without permission in forums is the number one problem faced by most forum admins.

                    This forum gives more than enough opportunity in a members profile to include e-mail, website, facebook contact info.

                    Angeliki’s  post is against the policy of this forum.

                    Further blatant advertising of the Kritsa place mentioned, will see membership curtailed.

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                        Gerald:  Having noticed postings of this type cropping up all over the forum, I was about to raise my concern.  Advertising and PR are paid-for services and one can then avoid pursuing those particular lines if one so wishes, as I do.  But having blatant ads thrust in one’s face when perusing a gentle stroll through the forum  is irksome.

                        I’m glad you’ve grasped the nettle in this case, and made it clear that this behaviour is not to be tolerated.

                        If I wish to push products or services, you have provided a perfectly adequate method of doing so – self promotion, or items for sale or whatever.

                        Perhaps I’m just showing my age – one begins to get crochety at about  35. 

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                            A lot of people would have tried to put others off investing in Crete or trying to make a living there – which is – as most would agree – a next to impossible task.  But people do want to give the place a go and who can blame them?

                            Fantastic views.  Superb beaches and swim in the sea most summer months, great food and a really great ‘holiday destination’.

                            Over developed, under resourced and over rated.

                            It’s humans and the Greek government that block any ability to live there comfortably: but people won’t listen and believe still that they can make a living there.

                            Unless you have an alternative form of income other than relying on income coming from a business or employment from Crete (which is likely to go for most of Greece), do not expect to be able to live there – have an income of at least 5-6,000 Euros behind you initially and then move to Crete/Greece and maybe you will or maybe you won’t enjoy the place.

                            Angeliki – if you are still looking for a place to rent and haven’t found it and this is the reason for your post – then don’t expect to find what you are looking for because it’s a hard life that Crete gives you and it’s by all accounts getting harder.

                            Would be interested to know what business is like in Crete as friends have said they are sitting around with little to do with 3 bookings when they usually have 30!

                            As for getting … on in your years – I really think that it the problems are unique to Crete. High expectations and massive disappointments that show themselves quite highly within this forum.

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