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lack of interest

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    Pauly B
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        Have all the Brits in Crete migrated, I come onto the site not too frequently but the posts are still the same as last visit. Items for sale are still from months ago has everyone lost interest?

        Compare hotel prices and find the best deal -

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            Not enough people supporting the forum by posting interesting (relevant) information.

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                Too many people got upset with the site and left to the other one.
                Edited:Corrected spelling for clarification of meaning.

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                    I must admit to now only looking in three or four times a year and rarely posting anything, mainly because I have many other interests. As for the "other" site, I haven’t visited that site for at least three years. For no particular reason, though I have never been a member there. Facebook tends to fragment a lot of these sites without providing anything else in return.

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                        This is what happens to a site when all the interesting, or should I say, controversial people are banished! People are no longer encouraged to contribute to topics, with their opinions and comments because as soon as things get a little heated, somebody is dumped! It’s not good for democracy you know, nor ex-pat websites by the look of things.

                        The Cats Pyjamas Rescue
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                            fAcebook now king!

                            forums are now mostly very very specific in content

                            shame as its impossible to track content on fb :(

                            for example

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                                Facebook does have a Save function, which lets you keep links to specific posts. You’ll see it if you click the faint arrow at the top right of a post.

                                If you need to find a link to a post that you saved, they make it difficult. Try this:
                                1. Click on your NAME on the blue stripe.
                                2. Just below the blue stripe, click on View Activity Log.
                                3. In the left column under
                                click MORE
                                4. At the very bottom of that column click Saved.

                                Easy when you know how!

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