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Keeping a Cool Head – Crete Bureaucracy and Paperwork
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        Has your tax accountant told you to go away if you have bugged him/her to file your tax return by the deadline?

        Several people have told me there is no point in trying to encourage your accountant to file your tax return for the latest year.

        They were indeed told to "go way" and come back later.

        It appears that due to prognostication by the current government, the revised rules for last tax year 2014/2015 and those for the current year 2015/2016 have yet to be finalised.

        The word on the street is that by June 1 the rules will be issued by Athens.

        Anyone else got any ideas on this?


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            Yes! When in Greece do as the Greeks do!

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                Don’t see the problem. I make sure our accountant gets all our information in April each year then he’s ready to file the return whenever the system starts working – I think that one can virtually guarantee that it won’t be earlier than April!

                The latest I’ve heard about this year was that it was due to start some time towards the end of May, but it sounds like that has been moved back. If I remember correctly it was late May/June last year as well!

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                    383D343037590 wrote: It appears that due to prognostication by the current government,

                    Sounds more like a lack of prognostication. I’m visiting my accountant today so we’ll see what he prognosticates.

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                        tax declarations to be filed by June 30th , same as last year, though there maybe an extension
                        see here

                        As we have only just received the last of our P60’s from the UK this week it would not have been worth going to the accountant earlier.

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