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Health Matters in Crete
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        Ok so I know that this involves blood tests, a poo sample and chest xray but how do I start to get this done (I am okay with step 2!). Can I just arrange it through the centre in Vamos or is it not that simple ?
        Any help much appreciated !

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            I don’t know the routine but you can certainly get those tests done at the microbiological centre on the corner of Eleftherias square in Xaniá.

            There’s an indoor automated car park just on the left as you head east out of the square on Papanastasiou street. You drive in, down the short ramp, wait for the lift doors to open (directly ahead), drive inside it, then step out and pay at the window. About 2 Euros for the first hour.

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                Have you seen a local GP they will do the request forms.

                Stool samples/blood samples are taken to private microbiology labs Kalives is your nearest you need forms stating what needs testing:  Tel: 28250 31828 opening times: 7.30-16.00?

                Chest X-Ray, clinic that does private work the GP or microbiology lab will know.

                You have Dr Elizabeth in Vamos & the Kalives practice I do not think Vamos health centre will deal with private work.

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