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        Any metal detectors for sale out there, I would like to hear about them please.

        Analogue type preferred.

        i live near Vamos.


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        papa charlie
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            I’m sorry if I am ‘raining on your parade’ but metal detectors are banned in Greece on the grounds of National security and heritage much to EU displeasure, but I am told that you can use one on your own private land. I may be wrong ( I hope) and the law has changed in the last few years, best check.

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                huge fines for metal detecting, also keeping or trading any artefacts found.

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                    As with most things, it’s only illegal if you are caught!

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                        Hi Ian

                        Two previous threads may interest you on the subject of legality of metal detectors in Greece and where to buy on Crete, previous arrests for use etc “¦.



                        I know the hobby of mine detecting/beachcombing is not necessarily a mainstream subject but lo and behold it has been covered here.

                        Over the years there is a mine of information on expat life in Greece hidden in this BiC forum, worts and all. I always recommend using the forum search function – top left box (which is better than the right side box) above every posting. Importantly when in the search ‘detailed window’, the best results come from choosing "all posts" to search and not the default "one week" setting. You know a pot lick may just turn up the info you look for…

                        Hope that helps.

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