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Home Living In Crete Expat Life on Crete mozzies! they are eating me for dinner!

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        I useto live in crete for 3 years and had the bites now and then. But after a while it would stop. This year ive had loads. Seems that whatever i do i find a bite.iTS GETTING TO A POINT THAT IM HAVING RUNNING BATTLES AT NIGHT WHEN I HERE THEN BUZZING IN MY EAR….WOOPS CAPS. Anyone of a good replent. I have looked at good one suggested on the net.. but I would like to hear what you find best.. Raki is not one to suggest haha

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            Strange, my wife and I both commented that the mossies this year were far less than previous years (Akrotiri, near Chania) and to be honest we’ve not seen any for a few months now – but then again it has been a lot cooler October / November until the last few days when the sun’s returned but not the mossies.

            We use locally bought roll on repellants – not sure where the missus buys them from – but they seem to work okay. We also spray the bedroom with Raid an hour before bedtime during the summer months which seems to help. We normally sleep with the windows / doors open – unless it’s too hot and we switch on the aircon.


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                Mosquito repellents never helped me much as I am what the Greeks call ‘glykoaimati’ or ‘sweet-blooded’ and the little tykes love me to bits.  My advice is this: Get a couple of plug in liquid repellents for inside the house and keep them in 24 hours a day.  Get mosquito netting on all doors and windows, and any that you can’t cover, close when light of day starts to fade.

                For outside, there’s no real answer but if you use Autan, it gets down your throat and stinks.  There’s a really pleasant one called ‘Off’ which doesn’t have the nasty effects of Autan, and you can re-apply easily as it is in a spray. Other than that, cover all areas of skin when outside; long trousers, long sleeves etc.

                This time of the year there shouldn’t be many mosquitoes about, but the warm weather sometimes brings them out.  The very first year I lived here, I arrived in February, and we rented a house that had been unrented and closed for a couple of years.  In the first few weeks I was so badly bitten during the night that I looked like I had been ten rounds with Cassius Clay.  The reaction I had was so strong, that the bites closed my eye, swelled my lip to the extent that I could only see with one eye, and talk with a lisp!  The house had heated up with our coming and the mosquitoes had been persuaded that it was summer time, so they all woke up to feed ….on me!  At that time of the year there were no mosquitoes about and my landlord thought my husband was beating me up!  Over the years, my tolerance levels have increased and now the bites don’t have the same effect, thank the Lord!

                Always keep a tube of Phenergan cream by you, and one of those ball-pen bite and sting things that you can apply direct to the bites.

                Be advised that the tiger mosquitoes, which are striped and bigger than the normal ones bite during the day, and not only during the evening and night.  Their bites are also bigger and more aggravating.

                Midges can also give you nasty bites and cover you with spots and they are worse in a way because you can’t see them in action as they are so small and transparent. 

                In short, if you are ‘sweet-blooded’, this is a war situation!  Take cover and fight with all available  means. >:(

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                    If you’re looking for some high tech means of keeping the mosquito at bay whilst sitting outside you may wish to take a look at some of the propane gas run machines on the market.

                    I’ve flirted with buying one but never got around to it so can’t give a first hand opinion to just how effective they are.


                    Anedoctal reviews do suggest they help if properly positioned, used etc.


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                        Two plug ins and an osillating fan in the bedroom keeps them away. they cannot settle on you in a breeze.

                        Brilliant in summer, winter not too sure may have to put the heat up a notch.

                        umaremasu in Crete
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                            This autumn I have had far less problems than last year, when I was bitten even mid December. Nothig since early October this time!
                            Through the summer I did as above, plug in mozzie killers, and netting at the closed shutters, successfully.
                            Out in the evening, Autan, jungle formula etc sprays are useless for me, as they choke me on application. Instead I have found Jungle Formula family lotion, especially the sensitive skin one that can be used even on children over 6 months, does the trick for me for about 6 hours, and doesn’t smell horrendous! I haven’t seen this here, but daughter brought me a good stock across late this year to replenish.
                            If I run out, chemistdirect deliver to Greece at reasonable cost, especially if you plan to buy several bottles at a time. I would be interested if anyone knows if it can be purchased in Rerthymno area though!

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                                I’ve been using the Avon moisturising oil. Evidently in the US it is sold in chemists together with anti-bite stuff, not as a moisturiser! It seems to have worked OK, obviously using it every day I can’t tell how much I’d have been bitten without it as I may have built up some immunity over 6 years here but previously had bad problems, and reacted very badly so I certainly would recommend it. Apart from any anti-bite benefit it’s a really good moisturiser, the only thing I’ve found that keeps my lips moist all day in summertime!! You need to find an agent but I can help with info for one in Rethymno area.

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                                    Olbas Oil all natural herbs, mossies or any insects cannot stand it, I sprinkle a few drops on all window sills, also outside the doors.

                                    Put a couple of drops , in doors on a tea light oil burner mixed with water, it will render mossies and other flying menaces delirious.

                                    Plant rosemary trees by your doors and windows, no insect likes them, even goats hate them.

                                    Crush bay leaf and spread them on your window sills.

                                    Thyme, rosemary, and any strong smelling herb will deter insects.

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                                        We tried Avon Skin So Soft Dry moisturising oil this summer and its brilliant against mossies, its used by forrestry workers in Scotland and also the armed forces when execising in the jungle regions of the world, we got ours from the Bits and Bobs shop in Ag Nik, if you want to try some then give us an e-mail at we are just up the road from you in Vrahassi

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                                            I use imperator which is permethrin based, dilute & spray on bed nets, curtains, lasts for at least 6 weeks, and is effective against sand flys & mosquitoes etc

                                            @8€ for 50ml in Fertility & Agricultural Shop next to INKA  (Kalyves)

                                            Close off rooms to cats until dry

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                                                I must also be sweet blooded as they just go to town on me. I have a bad reaction and end up looking like I have either been boxing or that I have a severe case of chicken pox! Not a good look nor is it comfortable. I have tried all kinds of repellant and I am vigilant in making sure I use it, however they are not too sucessful. I did get a bit worried about all the toxins I was lathering on so tried some home remedies. I have made infusions of olive oil, rosemary and lemon and this seems just as effective as the commercial stuff. We also find burning dried citrus peel or leaves or hebs like rosemary or thyme when sitting out seems to deter them. We also keep a fan blowing as this seems to keep them away. We also always have the fan running in the bedroom over the warm weather as it definately reduces their numbers. Someone told me it breaks their wings! Not sure but it does help.

                                                We do still spray the bedroom with Raid about an hour before we go to bed. I do worry about the toxins but the little horrors make you miserable so we have to do something.

                                                Hope this helps, Happy hunting :)

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