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        Municipality of Chania announces the foundation and establishment of a Municipal Veterinary Clinic for the neutering program, deworming, vaccination, microchipping and feeding stray animals with the participation of seven Chania veterinarians.  Under the terms of the building lease it will not be possible to keep animals overnight. Also there are plans to provide information on the service to the public & schools.

        The clinic will be on the ground floor of the Municipal Community Water Offices

        Source: Chania News, Thursday, May 16, 2013

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            A good example, and about time. Will other local municipalities follow suit – don’t hold your breath!

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                This is very good news for Chania, so let’s be more positive regarding other municipalities.

                Heraklion has had its municipal animal shelter for some time as has Malia — two I am aware of.

                The Cretan Animal Welfare website ( says:
                "Since 2003, Law 3170 states that stray and unwanted dogs are the responsibility of the Municipalities. They are supposed to enforce legislation penalising abandonment and irresponsible pet ownership and run a Catch-Neuter-Release scheme for strays."

                I presume that is what the Chania clinic is doing under the updated Law 4039/2012.

                Please correct me if I am wrong.

                In the meantime, which other municipalities have their own programmes?

                Edited:added the National Law 4039/2012

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                    Under the terms of the building lease it will not be possible to keep animals overnight.

                    SO WHAT DO THEY DO WITH THEM ???

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                        With Ierapetra ever in the forefront of animal welfare, after numerous meetings with the Dimos including with a team of German vets who showed their accreditation to work in Greece and the Dimos eventually admitting that they own a fully equipped surgery which could be used – the latest news is that one of the Ierapetra vets, who is also on the council has objected (allegedly) and nothing can now happen.
                        The word pathetic springs to mind.

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                            The problem is that the local vets are of the opinion that the German vets are doing them out of work by neutering the animals. It does not seem to occur to them that the animals being neutered by the German vets are those that would not be neutered by the local vets as either they are strays or their owners would not be prepared to have them neutered.

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