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Never Say YES on the phone

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        Yet another scam on the telephone in USA expected to come to Brits.

        In February 2017 in the United States there are gangs operating thus.
        You receive a phone call, a conversation starts then the caller asks:
        "CAN YOU HEAR". Naturally you say, "YES". Then a sales pitch or some service or other, then there is an excuse for the call to end. Later the gang contact you again demanding money to take the product they have sold you. They threaten to sue if you do not pay. What the gang does is edit the phone call into the terms of a verbal contract incorporating "yes" to an offer they made.

        Shockingly easy. So NEVER say YES in a phone call you are not sure about.

        Full Daily Express story is here with useful video from Norfolk (USA) police.

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            It’ll never hold up in a court. Just tell them to sod off.

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