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New Security Experience :: Heraklion Airport

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        Strange one this. First time for everything. Visualise, if you know it, the #Schengen Security area at HER.

        It is anyway, typical of most airports across Europe.

        The incident happened when taking recently an Aegean Airlines (A3) internal #flight. Check-in was smooth at #Greece’s third busiest airport.

        Then it happened.

        Having done so much flying I know what is required and I pre-prepared before entering the secure screening area – belt off, watch off, all loose change etc stashed in carry-on bag, computer opened and ready and so on.

        On this occasion, walking through the metal detector unit it flashed red from a light half way down the side.

        "Oh my god, its the shoes," I instantly thought. Actually, no it probably wasn’t as I wore those comfortable shoes many times before when flying.

        One of the security staff rushed towards me – I thought just to pat me down. He did that, actually going through my empty pockets too, then pulled me aside. Next, he put on plastic gloves and holding a round paper-like disc, swabbed me on the palms of my hands, on my shorts around my vitals area (oooooh!) and then asked me to identify my carry on bag. He had me open it and swabbed the lining top and bottom etc.

        Then the same guy proceeded to what looked like a small weighing machine (I had never noticed it before) at end of the conveyor belt line from the x-ray machine. All very compact and scientific looking and did something with the swabs (I could not see). He saw the results on a screen then he held a lengthy conversation with another colleague who then decided to tell me, I was free to go.

        Typically me, inquisitive and somewhat offended at this activity proceeded to ask why I attracted undue attention.  It never happened like this to me. In well rehearsed lines, as best as I recall, the lady, perhaps a more senior officer rattled off:

        "Sir, this is new procedure", "extra security" "enjoy your flight" "have a nice day" or words like that. She would not engage further, naturally when pressed and turned away. All very polite but that was an ‘official’ speaking. Clearly no discussion encouraged. All very formal.

        As you can imagine, I racked my brain during the flight, what could have caused me to be subject to this referenced ‘new procedure’ at Heraklion Airport?

        I thought that I was suspected of being one of those folk who carry things for other people. But since, on further enquiries, perhaps the answer leads to a moral of the story.

        In some ways I am a bit old fashioned. I like to use #Johnsons_Baby_ Powder.   Keywords = ‘talc’, ‘powder’.

        Is this a new concern to the authorities? Anyway, it is believed that this is the substance that triggered the investigation.

        On the return flight – I did NOT pepper myself after taking a shower with talc powder before leaving for the airport!

        Another more humorous thought… Surely it wasn’t the dry goldfish food I fed them before leaving the house?

        Any further thinking??? a few other amusing suggestions, perhaps? 

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            Happened to wifey a couple of months ago. She thinks it was GSR on her bag from the weekends shooting.

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