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        Management announces that a regular pediatric-pulmonary clinic will be held every Monday at the Ayios Nikolaos Hospital (nozokomeio), by prior appointment.

        The specialist clinic, as the title suggests is to bring special care for the young with lung and associated breathing problems.

        There are so many uncertainties with public funding of hospitals across Greece that any new announcement, as with the pediatric-pulmonary clinic, are most welcome and appreciated by the residents in Lassithi Prefecture.

        The foreign community organisation, INCO, is working closely with the Lassithi Public Hospital administration with providing volunteer work.

        Important: The clinic is being held in the Dental Clinic
        Telephone number: 2841343606, open from 12:00 to 14:00

        Info courtesy of radio104.4, Agnik

        To locate the AgNik hospital:
        Knosou 4, Ag. Nikolaos 721 00, Greece
        Latitude:35.194325035° 11′ 39.57” N
        Longitude:25.713719025° 42′ 49.39” E

        This is the Agios Nikolaos main hospital’s website

        Photo Credit

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        Edited:corrected the grammar, ‘is’ to ‘are’

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