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Non Meat Foodies :: EU says Veggie Burgers are Burgers

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        For once, the European Commission had handed down a sensible culinery decision

        Whoever complained that Burgers made from other ingredients other than meat could not be called a burger, well they lost big time on October 23, 2020.

        a close up of a veggie hamburger

        Lawmakers in Brussels on that day said it loud and clear: “A Burger is a Burger” no matter the alternative ingredients. In my world, if a burger looks like a burger, shaped like a burger and smells like a burger, then it must be a burger. And so it seems those policymakers in the EU agree on meat substitutes. The EU stance is simple, the officials have ruled that plant-based products  labelled as ‘burger’ without meat ingredients, such as soy steaks, veggie burgers and vegan burgers (no meat, fish or dairy) qualify to be sold without change of labelling across the EU’s 27 member states. There will be no restrictions of sale at any shops, supermarkets or eating places. This is big news for non meat eaters who like meat substitute ingredients in a bun. :yahoo:

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        Photo: Classic Veggie Burger by Hamburguesa Casera on Unsplash

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