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        Jeeesus Mrs Amadub! Diazipan,Tomazipan and Marzipan is called for I think… :D
        Nobody is calling for a no smoking ban across the whole of europe,it was a party in one bar.
        I never said I didn’t smoke,I never said all I look for in a bar was that they serve roast dinners and I certainly don’t have a go at other smokers because they want to go to a place where they can smoke themselves silly,so why should you have a go at non smokers who only want to have the same as us and that is to have a choice?

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            To revert back to Mark and Lydia’s original post – they were offering an alternative for the people who prefer to be in a non-smoking environment. Why attack someone who is offering something that clearly some people want? My wife is asthmatic too and cannot visit bars, restaurants and tavernas in our area due to the fog of smoke always present. Well done, Mark and Lydia, it’s good to have a choice! Percy

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                I am reminded of the double standards of places like America where it is a heinous crime to take some one’s "space" and smoke inside or even outside in many areas, however you can carry a lethal weapon and no one bats an eyelid.
                this is doubly ironic as on Monday a local man was arrested in the Cosmos bar for drawing a gun after an altercation and apparently a shot was fired, luckily no one was injured ;)

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