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Official Crete Holiday Season 2020 July 1st-September 30th

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        Greek Government, the Tourism Ministry Encouraging All Out Effort to Attract Visitors Dependent on EUASA

        As of the time of writing, the United Kingdom and Ireland are excluded from the list of approved countries  for the Greek Summer Holiday period 2020 for citizens to travel to Greece until July 1. At that time it is believed that travel originating from those two countries will also made easier, subject to continued improvement in the drop in CV-19 cases there. Britain is not the only place under scrutiny; you will notice that France (Paris region) and all of Belgium are not included. (Source : EUASA – Full list of countries’ status are to be found at EUASA). Greece is bound by the EU’s external border policy as reflected in the EUASA policies.

        Let us look at reality. If you are an EU citizen who wishes to work in a bar or other hospitality jobs in Crete, you would be welcome.

        Worth noting for Arrivals

        All flights until June 15 to Greece only land in Athens.
        From June 16th,  flights can use Thessaloniki.
        Then the big news is from July 1, Crete’s  Airports, Chania and Heraklion will be open to international traffic.  Domestic traffic is already operating. (Possibly Siteia for charter flights from elsewhere in the EU as well?)

        Land crossings into Greece will be allowed from July 1st but only with Albania, Bulgaria and North Macedonia. Notably excluded will be Turkey border.

        Arriving by sea from within Europe will also start from July 1.

        From the first of July, there can be random testing at the discretion of airport, port and land border authorities on updated advisories from the Government.

        The countries’ citizens will be allowed to visit (as of now, subject to change) from July are:  Albania, Austria,  Bulgaria,  Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark,  Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Latvia,  Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway,  Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and  Switzerland.

        From outside Europe these include visitors originating from:  Australia, China (curious???), Israel, Japan,Lebanon, New Zealand,  South Korea. These are the only countries to date with authority to travel to Greece.

        Finally, please remember that there are complicated testing and quarantine procedures prior to July 1, 2020. And, that to work in Greece, you have obtain the usual local health clearance certificate. This is nothing to do with the CV-19.

        See also page:  greece-welcomes-the-world-well-almost

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