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Old fart in the White House

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        OK, not strictly UK but I had to put it somewhere and it WILL affect everyone in the world. I’m not here to give my own views but the following article seems remarkably balanced:

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            #RealTrump in charge in Washington will provide the type of "check and balance" that all societies need from time to time. This is very much in line with the reasoning as applied to the UK and why the "polls" got it so wrong over the Brexit vote on June 23 and the US General Election on Nov 8.

            In both countries the simple fact is societal change came too fast in the past decade or so through "unfettered immigration" that impacted cultural and religious norms and core values. This has absolutely nothing to do with ethnicity – although the left, full of political correctness would have us believe it is. Their arguments ring hollow and can only respond with violence.

            Instinctively, President-elect Trump will restore the values from Jan 20, 2017 that will make America Great Again and get the job done as promised. He is not a politician. As a result he has been attacked time and time again by the political establishment of both the Republican and Democratic parties, most of the mainstream media and most political commentators inside and outside America.

            The collective anti-Trump bias should be the real story of the #USElection. The last laugh is with Trump. Old fart he maybe, but he beat ’em all.

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                Indeed he did beat em all! Just like Brexit, this is what happens when the political establishment dismiss the voting public as ‘fruitcakes and closet racists’ just because of their legitimate concerns and still they don’t get it.
                Re-runs are being asked for in certain US States akin to to the recent calls from has been PM’s Major and B’liar for a 2nd referendum. You couldn’t make it up. The great defenders of democracy now just can’t stomach it.
                I for one are absolutely sick and tired of these whingers telling me I must have been as thick as a plank as to not understand the question of in or out.
                I am beginning to hope we have a General Election sooner rather than later, which will inevitably be the Tories, UKIP (both Brexit) versus the rest. What a crushing defeat that will be for the remoaners.

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