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        Most of us will reach retirement or are already there. Living as an expat can mean a fulfilling social life without the stress of work. Yet in one department anxiety can occur. You meet a new partner you fancy but you face concerns over a request for a romp in bed.

        I have just come across an excellent article that I am pleased to share with you. Words of re-assurance and how to handle the issue of not being able to get the pecker going, is a not uncommon situation as men grow older. That is answered in the article from SAGA.

        SAGA invited an author to write an easy to understand and encouraging explanation and how to handle such an eventuality.

        As a result, the advice is simple. “Use it or lose it” and not to be embarrassed about a normal part of the aging process. Communication with your partner is key says the author. What is the other? You’ll find out here.

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