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part time phone and internet

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        We are about to go back over to Crete for about  2 months (new villa) – then next year we’ll be back over for another few months. Ideally I’d like UK radio (radio4, radio3) and  internet – and of course a phone.
        So the tradeoff is to get a landline and pay 12 months but only use it for 5 or 6 months or get a PAYG wireless internet.
        Regarding the radio – I know I can’t get world service where we are so I guess the only way is satellite. Is there a freebie satellite system (not SKY) that gets the beeb (either radio or radio and UK terrestrial BBC1,2,3,4 – I don’t need films or sport)  or do you have to get SKY?
        So in brief what I’m looking for is a cost effective way of getting phone, internet and radio if we’re only there for say 4,5 or 6 months of the year. Phew!


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            Paleo, welcome to the forum. Regarding the trade off you refer to:

            If you get an OTE landline, you can get an Internet connection by signing a six month deal, with a 34 euro upfront fee (compulsory) that lets you disconnect anytime. You also need to bring with you or buy locally an ISDN or PSTN (depends on which line is connected to your home) as a router is not part of the deal.

            Other deals have been covered in earlier threads in this board/section so check them out.

            Regarding UK TV — that has been covered at length also in this forum. No short cuts here, just honest to goodness legwork to sort out what is best for you as there are many approaches you can take.

            For phone/Internet packages Cyta’s offerings seems to be a favourite to look into (

            One thing for sure, make sure whatever deal you settle for, you can reach an English speaking person in a company’s customer service department. It is not a given.

            Whatever telephone solution you take there will be catches such as minimum contract periods and whether or not there are current special deals being offered as this is a highly competitive market.

            PS: Useful reference on offerings for wi-fi toggle deals for short term visits. VAT is now 23 per cent so I do not know if the rates are updted that are quoted at:

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