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        I thought I would share this site with anyone who may be looking for at-home work.

        For anyone with broadband connection (you would also need a computer!) and possibly you may need Skype, you can find plenty of online jobs at:

        After free registration, there are a number of bids that don’t require a subscription.

        If you are the first to bid, it also doesn’t affect your bid allowance.

        A fee of 10% is deducted on receipt of payments.

        It took me some time to get my first job but after that, I’m extremely successful with the majority of jobs I apply for.

        No need to be self employed in Crete either and pay their extortionate IKA. If you’re a Brit: you can register as self employed in the UK and pay voluntary NI contributions (between 10 & 12 pounds per month).

        I don’t know the situation for other nationalities.

        Or you can just work and say nothing at all but that would be for you to decide.

        Happy job hunting!

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