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#Pharmacists on 24hour Rolling Strikes

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        Starting Monday (March 26, 2015) Crete Pharmacists – Farmakeios are joining Greek pharmacists all around the country in rolling 24 hr strikes in their continuing protest against the new EU enforced law to open up the pharmacy business to non-licensed pharmacists. In other words other types of outlets such as supermarkets or other types of outlets will be able to dispense a wide range of medicines and related products. 

        Contingency plans in place mean that one or more licensed pharmacies in a locality will remain open. So just be prepared to go elsewhere than your usual pharmacy if they are on strike. A notice is likely to be found in the doorway of nearest "open" dispensaries and their contact details. This is the usual procedure in case of emergencies.

        The pharmacists have not stated how long this rolling strike will go on for. Or at least I have not seen it.

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            Losing their monopoly – GOOD!

            A fortnight ago I suffered a minor injury when my motorbike throttle jammed open and I was rammed into a wire fence. Still in shock I went to the pharmacy in Georgioupoli and was charged THIRTEEN Euros for a tube of "Germolene". I was in too much shock to argue and simply paid up and left. (The English supermarket in Litsarda has the same tube priced at 3 Euros.)

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