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        Can you see us we’re very small
        And lucky we’re alive at all
        They found us in an old paint tin
        In the sun behind the council bin

        We like it in our foster home
        The safest place that we have known
        We like to climb and run and play
        And have learnt to use the litter tray!

        We’re healthy, cute and full of fun
        But really need a forever mum*
        Our purrs and strokes we’ll freely share
        If we can find someone to care

        * (or dad sorry it didn’t rhyme)

        These kittens were rescued by the cats pjs and are in urgent need of a home can you help please?  For more information please go to:

        (Kitten details are in the Cat-a-log section of the website)
        Thanks for taking time to read about these adorable kittens….

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