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        Last night some sick bastard put poison down right outside our house in Vrahassi, East Crete. our neighbour’s son was walking his new puppy dog and saw two cats lying on the floor, he phoned his Mum and she came rushing round to our house to tell us, we have 8 cats and thankfully they were all okay. I went outside and one cat was dead but the other one was in a terrible state, twitching and in its death throws so i had to put it out of its misery, i hope i never see or have to do that again, the cats were stray but very clean and healthy, what is wrong with there SICK BASTARDS, we phoned the local police in Neapoli and they took our details,
        i have been out today to check around for any poison left lying around and the area seems to be clear, please, please be careful if you are in our village

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