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        On the subject of polls – could we have another one to decide whether the very unfortunate circumstances of the 1950’s women, that have had their pensionable age changed twice now and worse, not been informed by the DWP, therefore not allowing thousands of women time to make provision for their retirement, should have a fair transitional period for them to do so? It would be interesting to see if people understand and feel it is unjust to leave things as they are. Note that the women are NOT asking for the pensionable age to revert back to 60 and if you hear that from anybody then DON’T listen to them. It is about total lack of communicating dates to them and therefore not knowing what was up ahead until it was too late.

        Please see my recent postings! If you read and agree please sign the petition which has reached 161,000 now.

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            Hello Fowles

            Yes you can have a poll…

            Aren’t you seeing "add a poll" above the postings window, which all members should see? You click that link and a poll window opens up, just set it up as you wish it, save and it is posted.

            Secondly, it is always helpful when referring to other threads to copy the www address for the posting window you refer to … then copy and paste it into the current posting you are doing.

            If that seems impossible just add a fresh "post" and add to the thread with the www address you want people to click on and see that other page…


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