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Post Brexit and Greece: Brit Residents To Continue Getting Healthcare

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        Choppy UK-EU Negotiations continue but one bright spot is in Reciprocal Healthcare

        It is being reported by UK’s media following the latest round of talks that both sides have agreed on one key issue. That is state healthcare post #Brexit.

        Brit residents in the EU countries – that includes #Greece (and us) are to continue to enjoy the current status of reciprocal #healthcare benefits. This means whatever treatment we receive in Greece’s state facilities now will continue without changes. It should be a seamless transition.

        If any long term stayers in Greece who qualify have not got a "Health Book" for whatever reason, I would suggest they get one long before Brexit happens. That is just in case they should ever need support in the future. I believe you only get a Health Book with a residence permit, have the all important tax number etc. Get advice as it can be a complex subject.

        The ‘leaving’ event is end of March 2019 – just 18 months away.


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