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pre-fab homes

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        Hi all,
        my wife just noticed a subject on IKA payment being raised in the Greek Parliament…via Facebook ..saying a review is needed in the law as some home owners are being chased for the these payments years after the builder / developer has disappeared with the money, hence having to pay again…….
        ANYWAY, my question now…
        on this same topic review in Parliament they mentioned pre-fab homes in Greece……
        well thats a new one, the estate agents seem to be pushing real hard to get their builders involved at seemingly extortionate rate…..I have built luxury homes all over the world and believe me these people are trying to rip us off……
        so has anyone had a steel framed pre-fab built….?
        I found a firm here in Crete but they are a little slow to reply and also it would be good to hear from somebody else….
        many thanks for any input…..Clogs…….

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